Virtual Circuit Board

Virtual Circuit Board is the sandbox drawing-based logic simulator where you can build, program, decorate, and simulate anything from simple monochrome circuits to complex and colorful computers. Play with digital logic in this sandbox-only experience.

The Game

Virtual Circuit Board, or VCB, is a sandbox-only drawing-based logic simulator featuring an assembler and a powerful simulation engine. All of it designed to give you the freedom to build and experiment with logic circuits to your heart's content.

A Pure Sandbox Experience

Being exclusively a sandbox game, in VCB you will set your own goals of what and how you want to build, this comes with the assumption that you already have some basic knowledge about logic gates. Knowing programming concepts will also help you to build advanced computers using the assembler, although it is by no means mandatory, designing by drawing is just as fun! It is up to you to decide how you want to create things in VCB.

Available on Steam

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